Lifespan Integration (LI)

LI is a body-based therapy that allows healing to occur gently, swiftly, and deeply.  It is based on research showing that the human mind develops interactively in response to the early childhood environment. The developing neural system gets "hardwired" and, thus, early traumas can stay with individuals throughout their lifetime.


Harnessing the power of story, LI guides clients through their memories to show their body and their brain that they are past their challenging experiences.  With this awareness neural networks are re-organized, allowing clients to respond to stress constructively; to improve self-regulating abilities; and to resolve issues of low self-image and chronic anxiety. 

Lifespan Integration for Children

LI is an effective tool in addressing anxiety and dealing with traumas in children. When traumas are targeted with a body-based therapy like LI, children do not need to share as extensively in order to heal. Traumas will get resolved within a few sessions due to children’s inherent flexibility.


LI for children acknowledges the vital role parents play in the therapeutic process.  LI also helps to repair early attachment disruptions and losses.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Individuals and Couples

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a problem-focused, goal-directed approach that helps individuals identify the ways their thoughts influence how they feel and react in their personal and social settings.


Monitoring automatic thoughts, looking at biases in the thinking process, and overcoming negative outlooks are the major objectives of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Goli provides step-by-step goals to overcome negative thoughts, problem-solve, and improve lifestyle management skills. 

Changeways Group Program & Cultural Integration

In 2012, Goli developed a new program combining cultural spirituality with the CBT-based approach of the Changeways Core Program (Dr. Randy Paterson). Goli’s goal was to bring about more harmony in the cultural adaptation and integration process for immigrants by strengthening individuals’ personal and cultural identities.


In the past, through Vancouver Coastal Health, Goli has offered this program in Farsi to aid the Iranian community.  Goli is currently offering the Changeways Core program to groups and individuals.  The program takes place in 8-12 sessions, in English or in Farsi.

Changeways Core Program For Businesses

Businesses can also benefit from engaging in the Changeways Core Program.  Employees gain more confidence in their interactions and associations by developing more enriching relationships with their customers and fellow employees.


A business program can be facilitated in one- or two-day workshops with up to twelve participants. 


The Group therapy workshop is based on Dr. Randy Paterson’s Changeways Core Program. Participants will be introduced to the basic concepts of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). For more information refer to: